Which is the best Scuf controller for PS5?

One thing is clear: the British company SCUFGaming created and popularized the performance gaming controller category. But over 10 years and three console generations have passed since then. In the meantime, other manufacturers of custom paddle controllers have established themselves in Europe, which not only hold a candle to Scuf, but even surpass the originators of the Scuf controller in many aspects. The market giant is now having a more than negative impact, particularly when it comes to customer service and quality, which is leading to dissatisfaction in the community. The original company has now also been bought by the electronics giant Corsair, which may explain the negligence in terms of customer loyalty and service.

The Polish manufacturer AimControllers and several other companies were able to assert themselves as a valid Scuf alternative. In the European market, Burn controllers from France and King controllers from Germany are also well-known names, which undoubtedly reached their zenith at the height of the PS4 era.

Since the Playstation 5, however, there has been a decline in interest in the community among these players, which is reflected in poor customer reviews about delivery times, communication and customer service.

As a result, some smaller companies have also been able to assert themselves and take their well-deserved place in this highly competitive niche. These include OMGN, LuxController, Controller Planet, and the Swiss manufacturer RocketGames. Last but not least, Sony introduced its own performance paddle controller, the DualSense Edge, in summer 2022. This went on sale at the beginning of 2023, but received negative attention due to the high price. The lack of the option of four paddles on the back and no personalization options in terms of color components show that the DualSense Edge was designed for a broader audience, and not for the elite gamers who want to stand out from that crowd.

If you want to configure your PS5 controller, you should look at other providers.

However, some of the smaller manufacturers mentioned can score points in all of these aspects. Greater interest in customers and proximity to the community seem to be the crux of the matter here.

OMGN is one of the few providers that can demonstrate a high level of customer satisfaction, even though delivery times are not above average. When it comes to customer service, Controller-Planet.de also scores highly, and is best known for its particularly fast delivery times and high customer satisfaction. Controller Planet is the only provider that enables delivery in under 7 days from receipt of order to delivery, and completely free of charge. While other providers charge up to €70 extra for express production and shipping, Controller Planet also shines with its excellent customer service. Almost every customer concern is answered within a short time and open questions can be answered quickly and reliably via WhatsApp chat.

Especially if customers have a problem or question about their controller after purchase, the Controller Planet team is always available to help. Transparency and honesty are the basic idea here, which is why a fair solution is always strived for and found.

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