Controller features


New: Hall Effect Sticks

We declare war on Stickdrift!
Hall effect sticks use the Hall effect, in which a magnetic field creates a voltage difference when the stick moves, to capture movements precisely and without wear. Since no parts touch each other compared to conventional analog sticks, there is no wear and tear, which is known to gamers as annoying "stick drift". The lifespan of the controller is thus multiplied.

More about this in the blog article


Our FALCON paddles

  • made of metal
  • optimally positioned
  • ergonomic, curved shape. Adapts to the finger and the controller
  • no cramping of the fingers
  • Durable and high quality
  • perfect pressure points

Win relaxed

The paddles are positioned so that the fingers rest in their natural resting position. Full performance. Without your fingers getting tired.

Perfect pressure points

The high-quality workmanship of our metal paddles ensures the perfect pressure point and long durability.


Remap function included

Easily adjust the paddle assignment during the game at the push of a button. All buttons can be assigned to the paddles (including L3/R3).

#Everymillisecond counts

Digital trigger system

The digital trigger system shortens the pressure point of your shoulder buttons and thus ensures a faster keystroke. The stop point of the bumpers (L1&R1) is shortened to 0.2 millimeters and for the triggers (L2&R2) to 0.5 millimeters. The buttons also have the haptic and acoustic feel of a gaming mouse with an unmistakable *CLICK* sound.

The controller becomes a precision machine

Shoulder button presses are registered instantly, noticeably improving reaction time in the game. A must for every shooter player!

Note : Please note that the L2&R2 keys only know the status 0% and 100%, so the input cannot be increased gradually. This makes the controller less suitable for racing games. In addition, the adaptive trigger functions, i.e. resistance and vibration in the trigger, are deactivated.


Interchangeable analog sticks

Don't worry about worn sticks! You can easily replace the analog sticks on our controllers. 6 sticks are included in delivery.

Different shapes and heights

There's something to suit every taste and playing style. Domed, Concave, High or Low. You decide!

#Everything is under control

ATLAS performance grip

High-quality integrated rubber coating for perfect grip and optimal control. Even during sweaty gaming sessions.